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Chiropractic is not something that is new to me.  I have been a chiropractic patient for over 50 years.  What is new is how I perceive and feel about chiropractic and my health.  Before becoming a patient of Dr. Leilani's I would only visit the chiropractor when I was feeling pain.  But after becoming a patient of hers I have learned that chiropractic is more than just pain relief.  She has helped educate me about chiropractic and the role it plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I have now become more proactive then reactive in my health.  I think I have always known how important chiropractic care is but it wasn't until receiving Dr. Leilani's reinforcement and encouragement that I implemented regular care into my life.  I feel that since I have been receiving regular care I am healthier and have a much brighter outlook for how my health will be in the years to come.  My wife also receives regular chiropractic care from Dr. Leilani and we both have been free of any cold and flu symptoms and the headaches we use to suffer from are now few and far between.  We both have an overall since of well being.  I would encourage everyone to make your health a priority and to take an active role in your healthcare.  Remember to open up and ask questions if you don't understand anything about your care.  I've learned that Dr. Leilani is very easy to talk to and really listens to my concerns.


 I have been seeing Dr Leilani for about 18 months now.  I came to her with lower-back pain which I had been living with for about 10 years.  This was from a previous job and in all honesty I initially didn't want to go to a chiropractor for my problem.  I honestly didn't give them that much credit as health professionals.  My mind was soon changed. My wife had been seeing Dr Leilani for a bit and convinced me to come along one day.  The rest is history.  Dr Leilani has not only significantly decreased the issues in my back, but has addressed incrementally appearing issues in my neck, elbow, upper back, and knees.  Couple that with a consummate vitamin program, software to help diagnose and monitor the prognosis of my treatment program, and regular adjustments to keep subluxations to a minimum has led to a much better quality of life for me.  I have had the best possible experience.  Dr Leilani has been nothing short of fantastic.  From fielding numerous questions to the constant encouragement to her honest energetic involvement, I'd be hard-pressed to find a better healthcare professional than Dr Leilani.


 I came to see Dr. Leilani in September of 2005 on the recommendation of some close friends of mine who are also current patients.  I had been experiencing chronic lower back pain as a result of being thrown from a horse when I was in my 20's.  I also had a problem with foot and heel pain that was preventing me from exercising daily and actually impairing my walking.  I saw Dr. Leilani twice a week for the first few months, and experienced almost immediate positive results with my lower back.  My foot has been a little more stubborn, but has improved so much that I can now walk/jog over 2 miles a day and have resumed my workouts at the gym.  I am committed to healthy eating and lifestyle,  continue to do the homework recommended to me, and I supplement my diet with multivitamins.  Besides the physical benefits of chiropractic, I also believe my stress level was lowered as a result of the friendly, nurturing environment provided by Dr. Leilani and the rest of the staff.  I was once skeptical, but I now see the great benefits of chiropractic care.  -P.S.

When I began chiropractic care I was in pain much like the majority of people when first starting chiropractic.  Throughout my life I have endured many injuries, many of which were never properly treated.   I had previously been told over and over my pain was due to compensatory problems occurring from those earlier injuries.  What I found refreshing about chiropractic is even though I have had many traumas and injuries earlier in my life, chiropractic has still been able to help minimize the pain and misalignment brought on from those injuries.   The pain has subsided but I now know the benefits of chiropractic go beyond pain relief.  After being under care I have a decrease in muscle tension, an increase in the range of motion in my neck and upper torso and improved posture.  Chiropractic has also increased my energy level as compared to before care.  I also sense less stress on my body and overall am aware of harmony and alignment within myself.  One of the most important things I have learned and now understand is my body is capable of healing itself if in the correct condition to do so.  I enjoy having my nervous system scans done and seeing the improvements from scan to scan.  The scan allows me to clearly see how my nervous system is functioning.  My advice to others is to remember to keep an open mind and stay positive about your care.  I also encourage everyone to get more involved in your care by asking more questions and sticking to your home care prescribed to you.  -B.F.

I made my first appointment with Dr. Bettencourt out of desperation.  I had been in pain so long that I was willing to try anything, even the strange world of chiropractic care.  Dr. B showed me my scan, and the fact that the red zones matched my areas of pain caught my attention.  I still did not start down a path to better health until Dr. B started asking me questions about this pain that I thought I just had to live with.  I heard myself answer "I don't know, I try not to pay attention" to so many questions. Dr. B didn't laugh; she just helped me get settled on the table and started my first session.  After a couple of weeks I was no longer in such pain.  After a year the real gift is that Dr. B has taught me to pay attention.  I realize that the "stiff upper lip" approach may be character building, but that it did not support good health.  Now that I am listening to my body more often I can get through those tough times more quickly, and I don't allow myself to stay in pain (mental or physical) for so long. I wanted my beautiful, healthy, athletic daughter to start out with a better attitude towards maintaining good health, so I brought her in for a scan and a talk with Dr. B.  I think that we all were surprised to find that, even though she was not in pain, her scan revealed areas of serious nervous system irritation.  Dr. B was able to intervene before she was forced out of the athletic lifestyle she loves.  I am sure that she will find many situations in her life that will help her build character; I am so glad that her relationship with Dr. B will help her build and maintain health. -T.G.

Four months agoI experienced a neck injury and my friend referred me to Dr. Leilani.  I was a little hesitant to go because I had never been to a chiropractor before but the pain was so severe  I went. On my first visit, Dr. Leilani made me feel so comfortable and welcome.  All of my questions were answered.  By the time my exam was complete, I knew I was in the right place. What really changed my life however, was when Dr. Leilani explained to me that when my spine and nerves were healthy again, the asthma I have suffered with for most of my life  may improve as well. Needless to say, I have been getting regular adjustments and I have not had an asthma attack since. And my neck pain is better too. I can't believe that I suffered needlessly for 30 years with asthma and none of my doctors recommended I see a chiropractor.  Dr. Leilani has truly made a difference in my life and now I share chiropractic with everyone I know.  I am truly grateful!


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